• Mr. Gangluff is the coach of the Chemistry II team. He has coached the team with great success for the past 6 years.
    ANNOUNCEMENT: The first meeting (qualifiers) for the Chem II team will be Monday December 6th and Tuesday December 7th in Room 310. See Mr. G if you cannot attend.
    If you are interested in competing for a spot on the team, please see him in room 310 or email him at: mgangluff@whrhs.org

    CHEMISTRY II List of topic for each test.

    JANUARY: matter and measurement, atomic theory(sub-atomic particles, atomic masses), chemical formulas, chemical equations(mole relationships, mass-mass problems)¸ stoichiometry of redox solutions, stoichiometry of molar solutions, electronic structure and periodic table.

    FEBRUARY: chemical bonding, molecular orbital theory and molecular orbitals, electronegativity, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, polarity of molecules, hybridization, liquids, solids, vapor pressure, intermolecular forces, phase changes, gases, plus January topics.

    MARCH: thermo chemistry( enthalpy, Hess’s Law, heats of formation, bond energies, calorimetry), non-metals, metals,  solutions, colligative properties, descriptive chemistry of the elements,  plus Jan and Feb topics.

    APRIL: chemical equilibrium, rates of reactions, reaction mechanisms, acids, bases, and salts, Ka, Kb, Ksp, buffers, coordination compounds, redox, voltaic cells, Nernst equations,  DS, DH, DG, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry,  descriptive chemistry of the elements, plus Jan, Feb., and Mar topics

    Past Successes:
    Team Rank
    Individual Rankings
    Michael Ma -
    Steven Flynn
    Brant Lai
    Rachel Chen – 9th
    Victor Qi – 17th
    Djohan Sutjiawan – 22nd
    Bobby Weltner – 29th
    Karen Tsung – 3rd
    Tim Barnum – 22nd
    Eric Liu – 27th
    Ginger Jiang – 40th
    Barb Fallon – 46th
    Hashim Chaudry – 8th
    Lisa Ma – 58th