Watchung Hills participates in the Merck State Science Day, held each year in the middle of May.

    5 students for each subject area(a total of 25 students), are selected to participate based on teacher recommendation and the attempt to field the most competitive team in each of the five areas and overall.

    If you are interested in participating, please email Mr. Gangluff: mgangluff@whrhs.org, however, be aware that interest in participating does not play a role in deciding who will be the 25 students that represent the school.



    The Merck State Science Day program provides for competition between individuals and among teams of secondary school students in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Environmental Science.


    The Merck State Science Day program will be held simultaneously at each school that registers. Schools are encouraged to get together at a mutual location.


    Students from grades 10 through 12 are eligible to compete. A school may be represented by only one grade or by a combination of grades. Students taking the first year Integrated Science exam may have taken only one year of each science, and may NOT be currently taking, nor have taken, an AP level or a second year course of ANY science during their high school career. ALL AP students MUST take the SECOND YEAR exam or the Advanced Integrated Science within the Environment Exam.


    An Integrated Science exam incorporating first year level Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be given again this year. There will also be exams for second year/AP Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We will continue the "Advanced Integrated Science within the Environment Exam". This exam integrates all the sciences at a high level and is for students who are taking, or have completed, advanced and AP level science courses. Questions will be scenario based and require students to integrate knowledge from all sciences to solve the problems and questions.

    Individual Scores

    Individual scores in each subject and the integrated tests will be computed on the basis of the number of correct answers.

    Team Scores

    Team scores will be computed in each subject only when there is a complete team (maximum number of participants allowed for that test). All scores will count towards the team score. Team scores on each test will be computed by summing the individual scores of the complete team and dividing the sum by the number of team members.

    Combined Team Scores

    A combined team score will be computed only when there is a complete team score in all exams. The combined team score will be computed by summing the five complete team scores and dividing by five.

    Exam Supervision

    The Science Coordinator or a high school faculty member should supervise the exam and return the answer sheets via US mail or UPS the same day.


    Calculators may be used. However, calculators with programmatic capability may not be used.

    Announcement of Results

    Each participating school will receive electronically a complete list of winners as soon as the results have been computed.


    Engraved Plaques

    Engraved plaques will be awarded to the schools placing first through fifth in the state combining the three second year subjects and two Integrated Science tests (total of 5 plaques), and to the schools placing first through fifth in the state in each individual second year discipline and Integrated Science tests (total of 25 plaques).

    State Awards

    The top 4 students in the state in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science, and Advanced Integrated Sciences will receive a commemorative gift and an honor cord. These students, known as Merck Scholars, will be honored with their coach and parents at a special ceremony, at Merck and Co., Inc. in Rahway, NJ. Students ranking 5th through 19th in the state will receive an Honorable Mention award.

    County Awards

    A plaque will be awarded to the school with the highest combined team scores in each county. The student with the top score in the county on each test will receive a certificate of recognition.

    Certificate of Participation

    Each student competing in the Merck State Science Day program will be awarded a certificate of participation.