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Schedule and Referrals


Blood Pressure

If at or above 130/80 it will be rechecked every 2-3 months and charted. Significantly high blood pressures for stature or a large change from baseline e.g. 160/80 for a student who has been 120/60 will be referred for medical follow-up.


If less than bottom 5th percentile on growth chart or a large variance from growth curve is noted, the student will be referred, if no history regarding growth is noted on the health record.


Notable increase or decrease in weight over the period between screenings, weight more than 50% out of proportion to height on growth curve or more than 20% over or under recommended weight for height may be referred for medical follow-up.

Vision - Titmus Screen

Less than 20/30 both eyes or a change of at least 10 from previous screen or between rt. & lt. eye e.g. both eyes were 20/15 and now rt. is 20/25 and lt. is 20/15, will be referred for medical follow-up.

Hearing - Pure Tone

Less than 30 at all decibels (250) 500 - 6000 (8000) re-check in a week before referral for medical follow-up; student must be free from sinus congestion for screening. May do otoscopic screen to visualize wax build up and re-check after wax problem has been resolved.


Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, most commonly found during the adolescent growth period. It is estimated that between five and ten percent of school children have a curvature in varying degrees. However, only about two percent of these are significant. The effect of scoliosis depends upon its severity, how early it is detected, and how promptly treatment is received.New Jersey law requires a screening of every pupil in grades 5,7,9,& 11 to promote early identification of scoliosis. All students are screened by their physician as part of their entrance physical..It is a simple examination, requiring observation of the spine and adjacent muscle masses as the student bends and returns to an erect position. Students will be required to remove shoes, shirts and blouses. Appropriate measures will be taken to preserve modesty. The exam takes 30 seconds. Parents will be notified of any suspected problem indicated by a change from what is currently noted on your child's health profile.If you prefer not to have your child screened by school personnel you must complete and sign a form and submit it to the health office by the screening date.Referrals for further medical examination are based on screening findings.

Required Physical Exams By a Physician

ENTRANCE PHYSICAL - All students entering the Watchung Hills Schools must have a physical by a medical physician.It is advised that physicals be done at least once during the elementary, middle, and high school years at the student's personal care physician's office.SPORT PHYSICAL - All students wishing to participate in a sport are required to have a physical completed by either their own physician or the school doctor. Information regarding this process in located under Health Office: Sports Physical Information.