Co-Curricular Activities

2015-16 Student Activities

Our student activities are listed in the following categories: 

Academic, Academic-Honor, Academic/Diversified Interest, Diversified Interest, Government, Performing Arts, Public Service, Social Justice, Sports and Recreation, and Visual Arts.
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Club List for 2015-2016
Type of Club Name of Club Advisor(s) Meeting Room
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Academic - Honor National Art Honor Society Mr. Vince Colabella Room 5
Academic - Honor National Honor Society Ms. Michelle Madigan Guidance/Library
Academic - Honor Tri-M Music Honor Society Mrs. Angela DiIorio-Bird Room 96
Academic - Honor Waksman Biology Student Scholar Mrs. AnnMarie Johnson Room 43
Academic Academic Team Mr. Ryan Murray Room
Academic Chemistry Olympiad Mr. Mike Gangluff Room
Academic Math Team Ms. Carol Spiesbach Room 26
Academic Robotics Team Mr. Michael Gangluff, Mr. Chris Gibson, Mr. Daryn Mount & Mr. Peter Ponzio Room 4
Academic Science League - Bio 1 Mr. Drew Williams Room 42
Academic Science League - Bio 2 Dr. Suzanne Fenstemaker Room 40
Academic Science League - Chemistry 1 Mr. Mike Gangluff Room 302
Academic Science League - Chemistry 2 Mr. Mike Gangluff Room 302
Academic Science League- Physics 1 Mr. Brian Brown Room 76
Academic Science League - Physics 2 Dr. Sophia Gershman Room
Academic Science Bowl Club Ms. Michelle Madigan Room 401
Academic/ Diversified Interest Arrowhead Newspaper Mrs. Kim Gajewski & Mr. Daniel Larkins Room 272
Academic/ Diversified Interest Creative Writing Club Mrs. Katy Corrigan Room 77
Academic/ Diversified Interest Astronomy Club Mrs. Heather Patel Room 306
Academic/ Diversified Interest Folio Mr. Daniel Larkins Room
Academic/ Diversified Interest Forensics and Investigatory Club (F.I.C) Dr. Georgia Fisanick Room 302
Academic/ Diversified Interest Fusion Mr. Roy Bumiller Room 74
Academic/ Diversified Interest Future Business Leaders of America Ms. Megan Finneran Room 124
Academic/ Diversified Interest Future Doctors of America Mr. Darrin Wolsko Room
Academic/ Diversified Interest Video Game Programming Mrs. Ann-Marie Linz Room 122
Academic/ Diversified Interest Yearbook Editor and Assistants Ms. Kay Platt, Ms. Rosanne Klink, Ms. Michelle Madigan & Mr. Chris Gibson Room 82
Diversified Interest Anime and Fandom Club Ms. Leigh Brodsky Room 79
Diversified Interest Asian Culture Club Mr. Roy Bumiller Room 74
Diversified Interest Polish Club Mr. Michael Porter Room 275
Diversified Interest Sports Fans Club Mrs. Jana Battiloro Room 281
Diversified Interest K-Pop Club Mr. Roy Bumiller Room 74
Diversified Interest Project 7 Ms. Colleen Roan Room 278
Government All School Council

Ms. Maureen Kelly                      

Government Freshman Grade Level Council Mrs. Amita Lluveres and Mrs. Erin Ferrara Room 23C
Government Sophomore Grade Level Council Ms. Laura Goodson Room 279
Government Junior Grade Level Council Ms. Leigh Brodsky Room 274
Government Senior Grade Level Council Mr. Andrew Tronzano and Mrs. Rebecca Thunberg Room 23C
Performing Arts Band Director & Assistant Director Mr. Minesh Shah, Ms. Nicole Drasin, and Ms. Bonnie Burgdorf Room 92
Performing Arts Choral Ensembles Ms. Angela DiIorio and Mr. Carl Bird Room 96
Performing Arts Color Guard Director Ms. Amanda Brown Room 10B
Performing Arts Dance Ensemble Ms. Marissa Joshi & Ms. Melissa Markovich South Auditorium
Performing Arts Instrument Ensemble Ms. Bonnie Burgdorf Room 92
Performing Arts Jazz Ensemble Mr. Minesh Shah Room 92
Performing Arts Script & Cue Ms. Kate Griffin & Mr. Douglas Eaton Room 94
Performing Arts Script & Cue Stage Crew Ms. Kate Griffin Room 96
Performing Arts Thespian Society Mr. Doug Eaton Room 94
Public Service Action Against Hunger Mr. Sean New Room 116B
Public Service America/MLB Players Trust Action Team Club
Public Service BELIEV Club Mrs. Amita Lluveres Room 23C
Public Service Ms. Tara Gechtman Room 23B
Public Service Diversity Club Mrs. Jamie Lott-Jones and Ms. Mary Sok Room 111A
Public Service Environmental Club Ms. Kathy Haines Room 316
Public Service H2O For Life Mrs. Caitlin Roth Room 280
Public Service INTERACT Community Service Club Ms. Maureen Kelly & Mrs. Josephine Testa Meetings in PAC
Public Service Peer Leadership Program Ms. Maureen Kelly & Mrs. Tara Miles Meetings in PAC
Public Service Red Cross Club Mrs. Erin Ferrara Room 23C
Social Justice Gay Straight Alliance Dr. Sean DiGiovanna Room 400
Social Justice Junior Statesman of America Mr. Sean New Room 116B
Social Justice Mock Trial Mr. Greg Biniukow Room 311
Social Justice Model UN Mr. Greg Krueger & Mrs. Lauren Krueger Room 303
Sports and Recreation Chess Club Room
Sports and Recreation Karate Club Room
Sports and Recreation Ping Pong/ Badminton Club Mr. Maurice Kirchofer Room 38
Sports and Recreation Ski Club Mr. Jose Rodriguez Room 111B
Sports and Recreation Ultimate Frisbee Mr. Ken Karnas Room 307