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Watchung Hills Regional High School


College Representative Scheduling

To schedule an appointment to meet with WHRHS students, please select a date.

All scheduled visits will be held at 10:30 a.m. or 2:15 p.m. EST

Please view the overall WHRHS School Calendar here.

Visits are available only on full days of school.

Please email or call 908-647-4800, ext. 4860.

In your email please include:

  1. Full name of College/Institute/University.
  2. Representative's email to be posted on website for student contact.
  3. Full name of Representative coming to visit.
  4. Full name of contact person setting up appointment, if different than Representative.
  5. Representative's phone number to be posted on website for student contact.
  6. If providing a personal phone number, please so indicate and WHRHS will not post it on the website.

The date will be scheduled in our calendar and you will receive an invitation. Acceptance of the invitation will confirm Representative's appointment.