Vice Principals' Corner
The Vice Principals’ Corner

It is hard to believe we are five weeks into the third marking period.  With spring around the corner, we need to remind students and parents of important rules and regulations regarding attendance that are designed to help students succeed.

Our attendance policy outlines the number of days students can be absent from a marking period course (physical education and health), a semester course (electives), or a full-year course before losing credit.  Our vice principals Mr. Serritella and Mr. Searfoss are in charge of student attendance.  They notify the parent/guardian when a student has reached the midway point of the maximum number of absences in any course.  You also may access the Parent Portal in Genesis to check on your student’s attendance.    If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please call the attendance office at 908-647-4800 ext. 4831 (grades 9 and 10) and ext. 4830 (grades 11 and 12).  Additional information regarding attendance can be located in the student/parent handbook (pages 4-6) on the WHRHS tab on our website.

It is essential for students to arrive to school on time each morning because they lose valuable instructional time when they arrive late. Late arrival to school also has attendance and disciplinary consequences. When a student arrives after 8:00 am, it counts as an absence in the first time slot class.  Arriving late before 8:00 am three times in the same class also will result in a documented absence.  Students will be assigned a detention for every three times they are late to school.  Seniors that accumulate 15 or more late arrivals during the current school year will lose campus parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.  Juniors that accumulate 15 or more late arrivals during the current school year will lose campus parking privileges for the 2015-16 school year.  For additional information, please refer to pages 6-7 in the student handbook on our website.

At the other end of the day, our concern is appropriate supervision of students. While we do encourage our students to stay after school for sports, clubs, library use, or extra help, we cannot have students remain after school to socialize with friends or walk the campus without an authorized reason for remaining after school.  Students must always be under the supervision of a teacher or coach. Students who remain after school for a specific purpose must wait in the library or atrium to wait for the 4:15 pm late bus or their ride home.

Finally, with spring clearly in sight, please be reminded that final exams are an essential part of our underclass courses, and students are required to take exams at school during the scheduled periods. If a conflict arises, please bring it to the attention of Mr. MacConnell as soon as possible. Exceptions have been made in the past for school-related academic and co-curricular programs, such as Governor’s School and Boys’ State, but students must understand that the make-up exams may be scheduled after the school year has ended. Please also note that vacations are not valid reasons for missing exams and will not be approved absences.



Mr. Terry MacConnell        Vice Principal, 9th & 10th Grades

Mrs. Patricia Toubin           Vice Principal 11th & 12th Grades

Mr. Steve Searfoss             Vice Principal, Special Education

Mr. Nick Serritella              Vice Principal, Attendance

Grades 9 and 10                                                      
Mr. Terrence MacConnell
Telephone: 6975
Special Education
Mr. Steve Searfoss
Telephone: 6823
Attendance Office
Mr. Nicholas Serritella
Telephone: 4856
Mrs. Toubin
Grades 11 and 12
Mrs. Patricia Toubin
Telephone: 4843