Co-Curricular Activities

Our Student Activities are listed in the following categories:

Academic, Academic-Honor, Academic/Diversified Interest, Diversified Interest, Government, Performing Arts, Public Service, Social Justice, Sports and Recreation, and Visual Arts.

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Club List for 2016-2017  


Academic Team
Chemistry Olympiad
History Bowl Team
Math Team
Robotics Team
Science Bowl Club
Science League - Bio 1
Science League - Bio 2
Science League - Chemistry 1
Science League - Chemistry 2
Science League - Physics 1
Science League - Physics 2

Academic - Honor

National Art Honor Society
National Honor Society
Tri-M Music Honor Society
Waksman Molecular Biology 

Academic - Diversified Interest 

Arrowhead Newspaper
Astronomy Club
Creative Writing Club
Entrepeneurship Club
Film Club
Forensics and Investigatory Club (F.I.C)
Future Business Leaders of America
Future Doctors of America
The Neuroscience Club
Video Game Programming

Diversified Interest

American Sign Language Club
Anime and Fandom Club
Asian Culture Club
Cosmetic Club
Culinary Club
Cyper Secruity Club
K-Pop Club
Polish Club
Sign Language Club
Sports Fans Club


All School Council
Freshman Grade Level Council
Sophomore Grade Level Council
Junior Grade Level Council
Senior Grade Level Council

Performing Arts

Choral Ensembles
Color Guard 
Dance Ensemble
Instrument Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Script & Cue
Script & Cue Stage Crew
Thespian Society

Public Service

Action Against Hunger
America/MLB Players Trust Action Team Club
B.E.L.I.E.V. Club
Diversity Club
Environmental Club
H2O For Life
Habitat for Humanity
INTERACT Community Service Club
Peer Leadership Program
Red Cross Club

Social Justice 

Gender and Sexuality Association (GSA)
Junior Statesman of America
Mock Trial
Model UN