History / Social Studies
Homework Policies 
Please see teacher websites for exact grading percentages
      Tests and Quizzes: 35-40%
      Major Writing and Authentic Assessments: 30-35%
       Homework: 15-20%
      Classwork: 10-15%
      *Please note: There is a degree of flexibility as assignments may be included in different categories based on what the assignment is assessing (i.e. a quiz on homework may be included in the homework category).
Late Work:
   If a student is present on the due day of the assignment but does not hand it in, he/she can hand it in the next calendar day for 50% of the grade he/she would have received.  After one day late, the assignment becomes a zero. However, if the homework is going to be reviewed in class on the day it is due, the teacher will not accept it late at any time. 
   If a student is not present on the day the assignment was given, he/she will have 2 calendar days to turn in the assignment. (Homework is posted on the teacher's website).
   Any homework or assessment not done will have a '0' in Genesis until it is made up (if allowed).   
   Must be made up the day the student returns and no more than 5 school days after a test was given. After that, the student will receive a zero if the test has not been made up in that time.
   Tests will be announced a week ahead of time.
Students are expected to be prepared with their homework on the day it is due - it will often be checked for accuracy, reviewed in class, quizzed, or assessed in some way.