Superintendent's Corner
2015/2016 District Goals
1) Maximize WHRHS leadership team to use data/current research in ALL decisions to improve student performance.
  • Leadership team will develop SMART goals and action items based on baseline student achievement data in unison with target goals, which are mutually agreed upon by all relevant stakeholders.
  • Leadership team meetings, department meetings, school committee meetings will be repurposed as structured work sessions around the examination of, reflection on, and response to student achievement data which will be supported by qualitative data of surveys, focus groups, and interviews of all relevant stakeholders.
2)   Maximize leadership team to function as a unified team that will ensure WHRHS will keep its priority of teaching students vs. subjects. 
  • Foster collaboration in development of interdisciplinary and grade level meetings vs. department meetings.
  • Foster collaboration with regard to teacher evaluation to ensure consistent processes and expectations.  
3) Foster a schoolwide culture that ensures every decision is made with how it affects the students as its litmus test of keeping first things first – the students we serve.
  • Include in all we submit a rationale of how it will help our students, to include but not be limited to, the following list:
    • Department and school budgets
    • Curriculum revisions, additions, and deletions
    • Purchase orders
    • Hiring, tenure, and personnel decisions
4)   Increase access to and success in high level courses for all students.
  • Examine existing prerequisites, course sequences, etc., to determine ways to increase access for all students.
  • Establish structures to ensure vertical and horizontal articulation (within Watchung Hills as well as with our sending districts) in order to develop shared best practices, a coherent curriculum, and clear, consistent expectations that promote the achievement of all Watchung Hills students.