History / Social Studies



Mr. Apel           US 2, Sociology, Current Issues  www.whrhs.org/aapel

Mr. Biniukow       US 1, APUSH 2    www.whrhs.org/gbiniukow

Mrs. Brown         US 1, Government and Politics AP   www.whrhs.org/rbrown

Mr. Carden        US 1, US 2  www.whrhs.org/jcarden

Dr. DiGiovanna    Human Geography AP, AP Economics www.whrhs.org/sdigiovanna

Mrs. Falvo         Government and Politics AP www.whrhs.org/afalvo

Mr. Finelle         World History, Human Behavior   www.whrhs.org/rfinelle

Mr. Hache         AP Psychology  www.whrhs.org/dhache
Mr. Hodge         US 2, World History  www.whrhs.org/ehodge
Mr. Karnas        US 1, US 2   www.whrhs.org/kkarnas
Mrs. Kelly         US 1, 20th Century  Dictators, Holocaust and Genocide  www.whrhs.org/jkelly
Mrs. Koppel       World History, US 2  www.whrhs.org/nkoppel

Mr. Krueger      AP Economics, Economics, US 2 www.whrhs.org/gkrueger

Ms. Krupsky       US 2, Sociology, Facing History  www.whrhs.org/mkrupsky

Mrs. Lettington   US 2, Constitutional Law H, Economics  www.whrhs.org/mlettington

Mrs. Lott-Jones  World History, AP Human Geography  www.whrhs.org/jlottjones
Mr. Murray       APUSH 2, Holocaust and Genocide H www.whrhs.org/rmurray
Mr. New          US 1, Holocaust and Genocide  www.whrhs.org/snew
Mr. Oftedal      US 1, US 2  www.whrhs.org/eoftedal

Mr. O’Reilly       US 1, US 2  www.whrhs.org/goreilly

Ms. Sok           World History, 20th Century Historic Film, Sociology www.whrhs.org/msok

Ms. Yuknis        World History, Native American History   www.whrhs.org/cyuknis