Family & Consumer Science

Family & Consumer Science


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Dan Bertelli
Supervisor of Arts, Health/PE, and Co-Curricular Activities
Watchung Hills Regional High School 
108 Stirling Rd.
Warren, NJ 07059
908.647.4800 x2100



The Watchung Hills Family and Consumer Science Department offers students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of life skills which is an essential component for a balanced life. Our role is to offer courses that provide this experience to students at Watchung Hills that will enable them use those experiences for future endeavors.



COURSE OFFERINGS:                                  CHILD DEVELOPMENT    

                                                                                     Julie Jaran


                                                                        Patricia Buzby

                                                                                        Child Management

                                                                  Child Development I
                                                                  Child Development 2
                                                                  Child Development 3
 Susan Jaslove
Patricia Buzby



    International Cuisine

Regional Cuisine

      Introduction to Culinary Arts


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