Claude Chapel
Mr. Chapel
Voice mail: 2904
  1. Claude Chapel
  2. M.A., German, University of Lyon II
  3. Tel. (908) 647 4800 X 2904
  4. Courses taught:
German 1
German 2 A

5. Schedule:
German 1
4 or 6
German 2 A2 or 5


6. Grading policy:
Quizzes: 25 %
Class work: 25%
Tests: 40 %
Homework: 10%
N.B. : Students may choose NOT to make up a missed quiz once a Quarter only.
         ALL tests MUST be made up.
7. recommended website: see the "Links" page
8. Classroom rules:
1) Come to class on time
2) Come to class Prepared
3) Do classwork in class to keep up
4) Check website for homework.
9. Syllabus:
German 1 and 2 is a broad based course designed to introduce the student to all aspects of foreign language study. Grammar,  reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are included. Some cultural information is provided and students will do research and presentations on various cultural topics. This is achieved by groups, partners, and individual practice. Emphasis is placed on conversation, vocabulary and correct usage of the language. Correct pronunciation and oral proficiency are primary goals. This requires a daily emphasis on listening and speaking. The classroom experience will provide an appreciation and development of cultural awareness through various readings, media resources and authentic materials.