Tyana Truong

Tyana Truong
B.A., Rutgers University (Italian Language & Literature, Political Science)
M.A., University of Pittsburgh (Italian Language & Literature)
Email: ttruong@whrhs.org
Voice mail ext: (908) 647- 4800 ext. 2907

Benvenuti alla pagina della Professoressa Truong!

Below you will find the Google Classroom calendar for you class for homework assignments and announcements. All homework assignments will be posted on the calendars below. To the left you will find a links tab that will be periodically updated with interesting and useful Italian websites. 

I am available for extra help Monday, Tuesday & Thursday after school, or by appointment. 
Grading Policy:                                                                                                             Italia                                                                                       
Tests 30%
Written Quizzes 25%
Oral Assessments 25%
Participation/Classwork 10%
Homework 10%

Teaching Schedule 2016-2017                                                       
Period 2 Italian 1 room 54
Period 3 Italian 2 room 54
Period 7 Italian 2A room 53
Period 8 Italian 1 room 54
Syllabus & Google Classroom Link:                                                                                                                           
Period 2 Italian 1Syllabus Google classroom code: 1ok252b
Period 3 Italian 1Syllabus Google Classroom code: jbqjq5
Period 7 Italian 2A: Syllabus Google Classroom code: 6ndola
Period 8 Italian 1Syllabus Google Classroom code: khoy65v