Amita Lluveres
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Schedule for the 2016-2017 School Year      
Period 1: Prep                                           Room #02          
Period 2: Career Academics                  Room #02
Period 3: English                                       Room #02      
Period 4: English                                       Room #02
Period 5: Career Pathways                     Room #02 
Period 6: Duty                                           Room #02        
Period 7: English 4 w/ Mrs. Gajewski       Room #274
Period 8: Productivity                              Room #02

Mrs. Amita Lluveres
Special Services Department
Voice mail ext.: x2819      
Room: 2 (South Building) 
B.A. Elementary Education
B.A. Psychology
Teacher of Students with Disabilities
Elementary Education K-5
Elementary Education P-3
Extra Curricular Activities
ESY Lead Teacher
B.E.L.I.E.V. Club Advisor
(Better Each Life in Every Visit)
GLC Advisor Class of 2019
(Grade Level Council)
Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor