Mali Ou
Ms. Ou   (oulaoshi)

Voice mail: 2962
Classroom:  48
M.A., National Taiwan University
MBA, Rutgers University
Back to School Night/Day (10/6 & 10/10):
Chinese 2A (5th):           Chinese2A (5th)
Chinese 3H (3rd):           Chinese 3H (3rd) 
Chinese 3H (7th):           Chinese 3H (7th)
Chinese 4H (2nd):          Chinese 4H (2nd)
Chinese 4H (8th):           Chinese 4H (8th) 
Teaching Schedule 2016-2017:                        Homework Link
Chinese 2A/   Period 5/Room 48  
Chinese 3H/   Period 3/Room 48  
Chinese 3H/   Period 7/Room 48  
Chinese 4H/   Period 2/Room 48  
Chinese 4H/   Period 8/Room 48  
Ni Hao! You have reached Ms. Ou's Homepage.  Ms. Ou teaches Chinese 2A, 3H and 4H this school year.  From here you can navigate to other areas of interest.  See calendar for upcoming events and homework assignments. 


Extra help is available after school or during lunch time.  Please make an appointment with me in advance.

Academic Integrity: 
Grading Policy:
Each marking period is evaluated by:
  •  Homework:                                        25%
  •  Quizzes:                                            25%
  •  Tests/Projects:                                  30%
  •  Classwork:                                        20%


The school year grade is evaluated by:

  • ·        1st  Marking Period:     23%
  • ·        2nd Marking Period:     23%
  • ·        3rd Marking Period:      23%
  • ·         4th Marking Period:      23%
  • ·         Final Exam:                     8%